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Social Media can help spread information quickly

There are a lot of Social Media sites online today and it's important to participate in the same places as your customers. Facebook and Twitter are among the most populat, but are you participating everywhere you should be? Are you planning enough? Do you have a yearly calendar?

Social Media Calendar - Content Marketing
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Planning is the key to success. Visit the link above to download your free calendar in XLS file format today and get started.

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10 Reasons You Need Social Media
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  1. Your competition is doing it.
  2. Your customers are using it (though maybe indirectly)
  3. Your vendors and partners are using it
  4. More Social = more Search.
    More Search = More Customers.
    More customers = More business.
  5. Paid search prices are rising.
  6. SEO isn’t easy anymore
  7. You can’t buy links anymore
  8. Your website is only a billboard
  9. Great ROI on the Marketing Budget
  10. It’s a distribution point.

Who is using Social Media?

  • Ford
  • Dell
  • Your Competition

35+ Examples of Corporate Social Media
Check to see if your username is available on over 80 Social Media sites

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